During the early days of live b/w TV, (1959-60 era), George was the regular bassist/steel guitarist on the long running CFRN-TV weekly show, "Melody Junction" which featured (the late) Harry Farmer, leader/Hammond organ; Mac Cameron, piano; Art Darch, drums and Mark Cohen, vocals.

George's pride and joy was forming the nucleus of the Trocadero Alumni Orchestra in the fall of 1991.

Jan 1, 1996 -- for being an active member of the professional musicians association (the musician's union) for fifty years, George was given the honour of a lifetime membership.




George Lake
11610-111 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
T6G 0E1

(780) 454-3112

George started his career in 1947, playing bass and steel guitar for the Joe Johnson band.

From 1949 to 1952, George hosted a 15 minute radio show, which broadcasted weekly on CKUA raido, and was an exchange program for the Australian Network. During 1951, the show was featured on CBC radio from Vancouver to Toronto. Hawaiian Sunset, as the program was called, featured Dick Taylor, Wally MacDonald, Clarence Ploof, and Avis Johnson.

In later years, George played at the Trocadero Ballroom with the Chuck Barber Big Band. As a member of the Mac Cameron Orchestra, he had a nine year run at the Derrick Club. When the Tijuanna craze hit, he joined Zen Magus and the Brass Trend, which lasted nearly 10 years.

The Giovanni Quartet needed a bass player, and George was asked to join Chuck Barber, Art Darch, and John Scivoletto ... and excellent group which disbanded upon Chuck's death.

Meanwhile, in 1983, George was asked by Maple Records of Toronto to produce an LP of Hawaiian music. This album was quite popular, and was featured on KCCN Honolulu, and KPOA Lahaina, Hawaii. It was a multi-track effort in which he played all instruments -- steel guitar, vibes, rhythm guitar, ukelele, and bass.

"Keoki"(Hawaiian for "George") is the featured steel guitarist on 4 cd's currently heard in Hawaii.